WhatsApp not as secure as we thought? - Meeting #112

Our monthly February meeting was surprisingly good. Normally when you have two or three speakers pull out of the Agenda at the last minute, the meeting can be a little flat. Fortunately, longer term toastmasters rose to the challenge and stepped up with impromptu speeches and saved the day.

The first speaker off the ranks was “The West” newsmaker Jason Van Straalen, talking about the changes to privacy settings on WhatsApp now that it’s being integrated into Facebook. “By agreeing with new terms and policy you will be effectively agreeing to Facebook and its subsidiaries having access to at least some of your data.” Jason concluded the speech with a recommendation that the club move to telegram, an alternative messenger app. It was voted on and agreed by the quorum of the meeting.

Greg (I) was the second speaker and talked about the thrilling finish of a solo swimmer, I had been paddling for in the prior weekend’s Rottnest Channel Swim. With a strong Northerly current many swimmers were swept into the ferry lane, but Peter Kuhne kept his cool and struggled past officials trying to get him out of the water early, to land at Natural Jetty Rottnest, unassisted in a 9 hour and 35 minutes crossing time. Greg was evaluated by Martin who suggested a Rodin “The Thinker” pose when thinking about what next to say (it was a using body language speech)

Lastly we had Anne Rogers talk about Herbert Hoover, who had worked as the mine superintendent at Sons of Gwalia mine in Laverton in the late 1890’s, like President Trump, Hoover was a one term President of the USA and similarities extended to their over-stretched hubris. Hoover’s was the only house in Laverton with a swimming pool and air-conditioning. Anne was evaluated by Jason.

In other news it was agreed that the Club Evaluation Contest will be held on 23 March 2021, Guests are most welcome come along and members if you don’t want to compete, please come along and help judge.

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