Time Flies when you're having fun - GGNR Turns 100 - Meeting Notes - 14 July 2020 - Meeting # 99

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Time flies when you're having fun and it seems like just yesterday when the club was started after just two months of promotion and a single demonstration meeting in the closing months of the 2012 financial year.

There have been several improvements in venue and changes in meeting structure over the years. At the beginning, we met monthly at the Pure Bar in Subiaco, where we would takeover the back half of the room. Newer members didn't like that other customers, could overhear the meeting and soon encouraged us to move to the room upstairs at the VIC hotel. There, the club re-constituted from an advanced club to be open to the public. More recently a very successful move, has been to the Mayfair Lane Pub. The club has also gradually moved away from group evaluation, it still happens occasionally, but it is no longer mandatory. Finally and most recently, we changed to semi-monthly meetings, on the second Tuesday of the month over Zoom and the fourth Tuesday of each month, in person, at the Mayfair Lane Pub.

Meeting Notes from Last meeting

In our regular monthly Zoom meeting we had three speeches confidently orchestrated by first time Toastmaster Jason Van S. In the first speech Martin Soh moderated a panel session, which included a discussion about COVID-19 and Australia. Some of the panellists were quizzed about border control, whilst others, about how it was affecting their businesses. Many concluded we lived in the lucky country, grateful for living in the world's most isolated city. Others missed the opportunity to say goodbye to loved ones, in countries afar. The speech was ably evaluated by Gavin Hyslop. The next speaker, and one of the most experienced, Anne Rogers, compared and contrasted the leadership qualities of the CEO’s of both Woolies and Coles and how they battled through the COVID-19 crisis. Anne's speech part of a leadership pathway, was evaluated by Lisa Evans. Lisa pointed out that hand gestures have to be higher on the Zoom screen, compared to where they would be, when giving a speech in real life. My speech also from a leadership pathway focused on my experience with Mentorship. Martin Soh, took on a second role, evaluating with a good tip about eye contact over Zoom, apparently as a visual thinker I gaze up to the right when speaking over Zoom.

Speakers for our July 28th meeting #100 are Lisa, Jason, Heiko and Gavin. The Toastmaster for the meeting is Pascale.


Greg Madden

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