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Perth - COVID Bubble or Christmas Baubble!! - Meeting #108

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Come celebrate with us, at the Gourmet Guns n Roses Toastmasters XMAS Party 5:30pm Tues 15th Dec 2020. Mosman Park Bowls Club.

It was a jam packed meeting, number 108, last Tuesday at the Mayfair Lane Pub. Its been a busy time for members, led by Gavin running a speechcraft course for the club with the help of Young Guns toastmasters. Regardless, we had near record attendance with guests including Area Governor Dzyan and West Perth local, Linda, keen to check out what this public speaking gig was all about.

First off, in the speeches I did a speech called "Liars poker - a lesson in Leadership". What not to do, in terms of running financial markets businesses, I was evaluated by Gavin. Next up we had Emmie who stepped up, with not one, but two speeches on Toastmaster Speaking Competitions and the challenges of organising and competing over Zoom. Emmie as evaluated by Anne. And finally Gavin remembered a 5-7 minute speech entitled "Losing Your Marbles" which included touching upon the topic of early onset and youth dementia. Gavin was evaluated by Jason, who remembered to give him a few recommendations in addition to commendations. Anne led us in a table topics session ( a mini impromptu q&a session) on our favourite dogs (pets).

The end of the year is upon us and what a rollercoaster of a year it's been. Keen to relegate this year to the history books, lets party!!

Gourmet Guns is having a Christmas Party at the Mosman Park Bowls Club on Tuesday 15th Dec 2020 and were keen to have all of our members and their partners attend. In addition we would like to invite past guests during the year, district TM supporters like Area Governor Dzyan as well as past members that attended our 100th Anniversary back in July and more recently Speechcraft helpers and participants.

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