May the Sun never set on Gourmet Guns and Roses - 23 Jun 2020 - Meeting # 98

Updated: Mar 3

In our, greatly anticipated, first meeting back after the COVID lockdown, Sergeant at Arms Graeme M, called the meeting to order, welcomed everyone back to the first meeting ‘in the flesh’ and gave a rousing toast “May the sun never set on Gourmet Guns and Roses”. Graeme introduced our outgoing, three time, President, Heiko P, as our Toastmaster, who also expressed great relief that the club could get back to business. Our first speaker was newly reinstated, long term member Lisa E who gave us a great lesson in how to put the Power back into powerpoint presentations. The audience was captivated and we all learnt a trick or two. Gavin H, newly elected Inner-City Division Director, gave us a speech entitled “Life's too Short”. Gavin wove drama and humour into the moral that life’s too short to hold grudges. Lisa E led a group evaluation of Gavin's speech, imagine having six DTM’s tell you the mostly pros and cons of your speech. I (Greg M) followed up with a speech entitled “Gone in a New York Minute”, relating my time in New York in the early 2000's. Not as brave as Lisa and Gavin, I forwent both, the video recording and the group evaluation, preferring to listen to Jason Van S, ably evaluate me, with a good suggestion to conclude the whole speech, by simply circling back to the title. Finally veteran Toastmaster Anne R, asked us some challenging table topics questions, a mini impromptu speech personifying Josh Frydenberg, the challenge was ably met by first time guest Jason, who gave an impassioned appeal for support to the childcare sector in these tough times. The meeting was regulated by officious Timer, Martin Soh and General Evaluator Pascale ABC.

We all concurred that it was nice to be back to some normality of giving speeches over dinner, drinks and friends.

At the end of the meeting a new Committee was voted in with Graeme M as Sergeant at Arms, Pascale ABC returned as Secretary, Jason Van S - Membership, Heiko P - Public Relations, Gavin H at Treasurer and Martin S stepping up as VPE, myself Greg as President.

We adjourned to the bar!!

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