Hasta Mañana Modesty Blaise - 11 Aug 2020 - Meeting #101

We only had two speakers in our In our regular monthly Zoom meeting on Tuesday. Anne’s speech looked at the decision by the West to remove the Modesty Blaise cartoon from its newspaper. Modesty Blaise was always a bit racey, in any era, but this specific offending cartoon, written in 1981 just didn’t fit with modern values. Gavin evaluated Anne’s speech a Level 4 advanced speech.

Greg’s presentation took us through the use of google analytics on a website, looking to see what pages and keywords resonated best with club visitors. Greg speech the fourth in Level 1 was evaluated by Jason. Greg’s speech locks up the clubs first manual for the Toastmasters year and the brownie point system called the DCP. Martin Soh gave us a table topics challenge, breaking the participants into two breakout groups on Zoom - It was a lot harder than it sounds - each participant had to finish the others story. Martin controlled the narrative with an itchy trigger finger on the mute button.

Prior to the end of the meeting the club passed a resolution to leave our Fees at $75 per half year. So for members considering signing up you get twice the speaking opportunities for the same price as last year.

The next meeting will see Jason, Martin and Greg go head to head in a table topics competition, with Pascale as chief judge and Contest Chair.

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