District 17 - WA State reaches President's Distinguished

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

In news just out District 17 (WA State) has reached the top award in Toastmasters - President's Distinguished.

There was a last minute lunge for the finish line by District 17 Governor Pascale Amberville-Colby (ABC, for short). What was done:

  • >8% net membership growth, >8% net club growth

  • > 50% of club base Distinguished

How was it done:

Many phone calls pleading to get new members into the system by June 30. I suspect a few generous patrons, gave the membership a nudge at clubs across the state. But most importantly, the foundation was there, with a massive amount of new clubs started during the year, (seven!!) including, new GNR president's Kieran Browning's dad (Paul's) efforts in Kalgoorlie with WA School of Mines and a new Gourmet club. Much of the success should undoubtedly be credited to past GNR charter member and last year's D17 Lt. Governor Marketing Ian Pickens. GNR members on the 2013/14 D17 executive committee team:

Ross Wilkinson

Lisa Evans

Leonor Ragan


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