June 2014 Meeting #24

Despite stormy conditions, we had a great turnout for meeting no. 26 with a record breaking Six Pack of speakers presenting at GNR on the night.

Speakers included:

  • Sebastian Bednarczyk who ran us through his latest marathon.

  • Guest Lawrence Tantalked about his passion for improvisation.

  • Greg Madden spoke about Michael Lewis and his latest book Flash Boys.

  • Dale Raynes did a timely piece entitled the “Beautiful Game”, all about the world cup of soccer.

  • Anita Adhitya read from a Lewis Carol story, ”The Walrus and the Carpenter”.

  • Owen Davis gave a shareholders presentation as the acting CEO of Gillette.

In addition very special guest Sam joined up as our newest member.

I have to say it was particularly pleasing to see such high calibre turnout on a night when many chose to stay indoors and slip on the ugg boots.


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