May 2014 Meeting #23

Our Toastmaster for the evening was the charismatic and lively Leonor Ragan. She is always a pleasure to watch and listen to with her wonderful warm and enthusiastic way of introducing and thanking everybody for his or her participation in the evening.

David Divita started the evening of with his 10th speech from the CC manual. David always gives great speeches; he writes from his heart and life experiences. One of friends developed Melanoma two years ago that lead David to think about life, death, and what exactly is important to us.

Before the meeting Jane Maynard gave us all some paper and asked us to write down a topic. She went outside chose one of the topic and within one hour had written a speech and presented it to us. This was the 10th speech from the CC manual ‘Inspire Your Audience’ and she did with a speech arguing for better education for children because they will be the guardians of the planet one day.

Anita Adhitya chose a play with two characters to act out for us, and Ross Wilkinson gave us an impromptu speech. He and I had been talking about the structure of the meetings before it began, and he created a speech from our conversation.

Special thanks also go to guest speaker and Ambassador Browyn Jones, who stopped in to educate us on the development of the revitalised Toastmasters education program.


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