February 2014 Meeting #20

A good turnout to our February meeting saw four good speeches elevated to greatness by the consummate, inspiring Toastmaster, Dale Raynes.

Dietmar Mazanetz let us in on his secret for looking trim and terrific with the 5/2 diet.

Kathryn Sturrock rekindled romance with a role playing husband, Greg Madden, and showed everyone how to negotiate her favoured holiday destination in Alaska.

Martin Soh completed the first part of his High Performance Leadership manual, Selling the Benefits of the Club, ahead of the Gourmet Guns n Roses 11th March 2014 Demonstration Meeting he has organised.

Luke Copley rolled the dice with an impromptu speech on “Organisational Politics” (topic picked by Kieran Browning). Personally, I would be too scared to let Kieran anywhere near my speech topics.


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