January 2014 Meeting #19

Many thanks to David Clarke for leading the first Gourmet Guns n Roses meeting of the year.

The meeting featured project speakers Alex Grossman, who revealed the hype and history of the notorious Kim Jong-il.

Jeff Hart celebrated the return of old-school moustaches and beer-drinking to Australian cricket.

Leonor Ragan presented the colourful characters in the Turkish tales of Nasretin Hoca.

David Divita persuaded us to dust off the bike and ride to work.

And Greg Madden included a happy family snapshot and his love for glitter in his talk on speech structure.

We were pleased to be joined by the esteemed District Governor Pascale Amberville-Corby, who rallied the troops for exciting events in 2014. We were also joined by guest Sandra, who gave feedback on the collaborative nature of our meetings.

At the meeting's conclusion, Maddo was elected president! Greg will hold office until July, while Cellina starts her life as a mother.

Many thanks to Cellina for your contribution to Gourmet Guns n Roses as el presidente. Always lively, thoughtful and practical, you have lead a successful club!


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