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February 2013 Meeting #9

Last Tuesday saw a good turnout with another five strong speeches and a particularly good turnout of guests: Desiree, Claire, Mee and Aron, please attend anytime

In the speeches:

  • I attempted to sell Anita an credit card, (I suspect there were a few in the audience that do that for a living).

  • Dietmar gave away his speech slot to Aron who didn’t disappoint, with an inspiring saga about militant self-belief, that will serve him well in the competitions.

  • Adam kicked off his inaugural speech with a topic about longevity, 122 years is the record lifespan we all have to break.

  • Kathryn gave a persuasive speech about her son and the benefits of being an organ donor.

  • District (state) Governor Ross gave the club his first speech recommending landlords be more flexible on tenants with pets, and then charge them more rent for the benefit.

#VPE #Greg

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