January 2013 Meeting #8

I was an apology for Tuesday; however our special thanks goes out to Liz Golden who stepped in at the last minute as Toastmaster and wiped away my problems with her stunning smile and regal wave.

In Liz's words about the meeting " ….. it was a smaller but still very nice meeting!"

Info for your round up:

  • Leonor Ragan presented a sad story from South America about the "weeping woman" which locals use to deter their children from going out late at night. Leonor had a cold but pulled through :)

  • Brad Giles delivered "Two people for the price of One" to describe how leaders and manages can interact with their team to 'multiply' or 'diminish' output.

  • Alex Grossman gave us humorous travelling tips with his "happy travelling" speech; Kathryn Sturrock invited us on her trip to Nepal in September... great use of visual aids (bonus points for using the big screen!).

  • Anita Adhitya conquered the cold call' with 'Food for Thought' - selling me a package for nutritional advice and tours of local markets. "

#VPE #Greg

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