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September 2013 Meeting #15

Last night's meeting was kindly hosted by Sevi at late notice, who enthusiastic in her role of toastmaster. The project speeches featured...

David, who relived his fond childhood memories of family surfing trip in Margaret River.

The folk-tale of Cinderella relived by Anita, from the perspective of the wicked step-mother.

Luke gave some guiding principles on how to navigate politically-charged conversation at social engagements or in public saunas.

Greg joined by lovely wife Sonja on why delegation is important.

And Ross regaled us with a story of a wild taxi ride and how missing keys can cost you more than you think!

It was a pleasure to have guests Owen, Michelle, Charles and Anthony in attendance. Charles Fisher is the Central Division Governor. Anthony Day is a very experienced toastmaster visiting from Leeds. He gave a very positive general evaluation, in spite of our wintery weather!


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