May 2013 Meeting #12

Our most recent meeting was a divine affair, with a Greek mythology theme.

Kieran 'Achillies' Browning showed his complex skill as a diety - as Seargent at Arms, Kieran introduced himself as Toastmaster for the evening.

Anita 'Athena' Adhitya gave an acceptance speech for the Patron Deity Award. Anita paid homage to Athens and the olive tree.

Dietmar Mazanetz shared a world of knowledge about travel - outlining 4 different ways to pay when overseas.

Sheena 'Xena' Pang challenged and empowered GnR members with a speech about being a mentor in our daily lives.

Lastly, Graham Macdonald gave a serene introduction to meditation.

We were pleased to have our guest Jeremy also be timer for us.


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