April 2013 Meeting #11

Our most recent meeting showcased four excellent speeches, ranging from practical advice, to humour, to drama and emotion.

We were pleased to have new member Alexi and guest Vibhor attend. Thank you for coming and valuably contributing to the group evaluations.

Toastmaster of the evening, Dale, lamented that GnR's motivated VPE and "spiritual leader", Greg, would be in the States for the next four months. Bravely continuing on, Dale introduced Paul H to deliver a dramatic work tale of dodging spiders and beehives through the thorny wilderness in Hong Kong.

Alex then gave us some hints and tricks on how to come out ahead when dealing with dodgy salespeople. After dinner, Sevi gave us insight into her plans for a fabulous upcoming holiday through Asia - and a girl's dilemma on what to pack!

Finally, Cellina gave a truly heartfelt reading about the Turkish respect for the Anzacs during the Gallipoli campaign. It was a beautiful speech that gave us a moment to meditate on the Anzac sacrifice in the lead up to the public holiday.

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