December 2012 Meeting #7

I hope everyone has had a great Christmas and New Year break, attached is the latest schedule for the next two meetings in the New Year. For me I needed a break just to recover from the karaoke Christmas party, if you see a video of Dale and I doing a duet to the Bee Jees Jive Talking, it is a forgery.

At the last meeting we had many guests, including our General Evaluator Peter Thong from the Beijing central division A1 club. Peter gave a great evaluation, his first time in a group evaluation. It didn’t take him long until he got the hang of it and he explained to us the clubs in Beijing, where he is an Area Governor.

We had another 5 great speeches in December, including Sevi Rich who's speech I am having trouble recalling; Rob Hildebrand talked about what makes his new house a home, to me his new place sounds like a bachelor pad, but I'm sure some lucky girl will make his new house a home; Cellina Prosser talked about friends made at UNI, including her favourite painting the Green violinist by Marc Chagall and Luke Copley talked about Christmas. Finally Elizabeth Golden talked about her exploits in India.

We had a great turnout of visitors including Lizze Hornby the Stirling Toastmasters President and Jenny Zhao attended to see what it is like to belong to a club and is thinking of starting a new club at PWC. Adam Ansted joined the club, don’t miss his first speech scheduled in February!! David Divita attended as a guest and has just completed a speechcraft course run by Ian Pickens a club member and the State (D17) Public Relations Officer.

Oh, I almost forgot, Sevi's speech was on being a better listener.

#VPE #Greg

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