November 2012 Meeting #6

Last week's meeting saw another five great speeches. This is not my opinion but that of fellow member, State Head Honcho Ross Wilkinson (Aka District 17 Governor) who attended and commented that the quality was very, very, high.

First off we had one of our newest member's Brett Robinson do a sterling job of Toastmaster, with great introductions and summaries of the following speakers;

  • New member Lisa Evans (a former state humorous competition finalist) started with a speech that toasted Dr Barry Marshall, an Australian Nobel peace prize winner, who deliberately infected himself to help prove that a specific bacteria plays a key role in stomach ulcers. Another nice thing about the toast is that Lisa used a real glass of wine.

  • Dale Raynes (Club President and immediate past central division President of the year) combined his two loves, Poker and public speaking, to run us through a biographical review of Australian, Joe Hacham's 2005 win in the World Series Poker - Las Vegas. Next time Dale says pass the sugar, at a gourmet meeting, check your wallet.

  • Martin Soh (C1 Area Governor) took us on a dramatic ride through Disneyland's Space Mountain, with two of his alter-ego's, the moral - life's what you make of it.

  • Jeff Hart (Charter Member) gave us a pre-Christmas lesson on decision making and ranking of preferences, does this mean no engagement ring for Christmas, Jeff?

  • Luke Copley (Club Treasurer) started a new advanced manual with an impromptu speech about Elizabeth Quay. Copley a budding Colin Barnett of the future, was whole heartedly in favour of making the Perth river front less boring.

Special guest's included Alicia, from Victoria, and Adam Anstead (from the very popular AECOM club). Both leapt into last minute evaluations. Adam has already said he will sign up, taking the club just one new member away from its 7th Club goal of 8 new members.

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