October 2012 Meeting #5

Last night's meeting saw five great speeches.

Leonor Ragan braved the limelight with mismatching shoes and told us about her adventures in Indonesia teaching an English computing seminar to people that don't speak English.

Three time, Competent Communicator (and ACG) Graham McDonald challenged our advanced club to do more advanced speeches.

Cellina Prosser recited a speech by Neil Gaiman, Make Good Art. The speech seemed so relevant, to Cellina's philosophy, that many people complemented her on her heart felt original.

New member wannabe Mary Ogilvy introduced us to the skills of a successful salesman, the speech (only the second in the CC manual) was worthy of being put on TED and broadcast to millions.

And finally Paul Hutchinson regaled us with his humorous exploits flying in and out of the Pilbara in an aptly titled Red Dust, Yellow Shirts, Grey Beards.

Also at the meeting were guests Lisa, Sheena, Alex and Dr Win. Dr Win a visiting DTM from Malaysia encouraged us to love each other in the general evaluation. I'm all for that but I need to get Sonja's permission first. Really he was suggesting that we should engender an encouraging club full of support for other members.

#VPE #Greg

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