The news came through today, June 15, and is effective from June 1 when the application was lodged.

It came about because of pressure inside the membership of Young Guns for more opportunities to give speeches. Young Guns is a very strong club which has achieved Presidents Distinguished status with all 10 Goals.The club currently has 30 members and officially meets fortnightly. However for some time now an additional meeting has been held in one of the of weeks.

Gourmet Guns n Roses Founder, Greg Madden, is also a member of Victoria Quay and he discussed with me over some time options for handling the pressure from members for more speech opportunities. The first idea was the extra meetings. That worked very well. But I am the Southern Division New Clubs Coordinator and saw the opportunity which has now been realised.

Greg, Anita and I set up HPL projects to pursue the formation of the new club. Greg and Anita set to work to sell the idea to the club and the members. For a while, President Dale Raynes was a bit dubious that it would be for the good of Young Guns but only for a while. He and Celina Prosser are the club mentors. Luke Copley, the secretary/treasurer did vital work, getting in the registrations.

President's Distinguished Area Governor Greg is the C1 Area Governor and the charter of Gourmet Guns n Roses gives him the final qualification for the top award for Area Governors.

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