1st Innings, 1st Batsman, Zoom - 9 Jun 2020 - Meeting # 97

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

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6PM Tuesday 23rd June 2020 - Mayfair Lane Pub

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When I was a university student, many decades ago we used to play a drinking game called Zoom. It's fair to say, that I don't recall how many of the games ended and the drinking game probably shouldn't be held aloft as a heroic experience. However at the occasional residential college reunion, there are many smiling faces when we recall those games. Juxtapose those events with with what Zoom means today, in a post COVID-19 environment. Zoom has become a verb for online family get togethers, birthdays, group assignments, speech giving , powerpoint presentations and general meeting speeches. Bored uni students are even playing Zoom on Zoom.

For this reason the Gourmet Guns n Roses Toastmasters Club has decided to start a once a month regular meeting on Zoom, every second Tuesday of the month. This will be alongside our regular meetings over dinner at the Mayfair Lane Pub every fourth Tuesday of the month.

First of our regular Zoom meetings - Meeting Notes - 9 Jun 2020

Pascale ABC led the night of strong speeches with “Breaking Through” a speech that reflected on the culture shock experienced when John Ritter’s “Three’s Company” aired on TV 40 years ago. Pascale was ably evaluated by Martin S. Greg M. went with the second Speech on a summary of his “First Aid Refresher Course” taken during the week. Not yet an aficionado in Zoom Greg accidently left the meeting briefly, whilst trying to share his phone screen in order to demonstrate what happens when you press your iPhone on/off button 5 times. Heiko P presented the third speech on “The Future of Fundraising” Heiko pointed out that Get X and the Millennials are bigger givers to charity than other generations. Heiko also noted with the wealth transition occurring over the next 30 years there was going to be A$3.5 trillion of wealth transferring inter- generationally. Heiko was ably evaluated by Jason van S. Martin S. challenged us with some Table Topics designed to flesh out the characteristics of leadership. Gavin H. gave a good summary of the meeting in his General Evaluation.

Back to the Mayfair / Annual General Meeting / Club Officer Training

Our next meeting will be back in our old stomping grounds, 6PM Tuesday 23rd June 2020 Mayfair Lane Pub. This will coincide with the Annual General Meeting of the club.

All club officers elect (and a few outgoing club officers needed to make up numbers) please make yourself available for Club Officer Training on the Jun 27, 2020 01:00 PM Perth time by registering in advance for this indoctrination session:

Regards Greg

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