Why this Club?

The people you meet will make all the difference to your Toastmasters experience.  So popping along to meet our Club Members is an important part of joining.  However, the style of club you choose needs to match what you want to personally achieve.


Consider joining Gourmet Guns n Roses because you are:

  • Just starting out and want the flexibility of attending once or twice a month.

  • Keen on incorporating a meal and a drink.

  • Already a member of another Toastmasters Club and want just one more speaking opportunity a month.

  • An experienced public speaker wanting to try some advanced techniques and receive feedback from other accomplished speakers.

Fee Breakdown

  • Toastmaster Six Month Fee = $75

    • Membership is renewed in March and September.

    • Joining mid term and you will receive a pro-rata reduction in fees upon renewal.

    • Covers the cost of the manuals needed for your first set of Education Program Projects.

    • An optional Toastmasters Name Badge is also available for an additional $15.

Education Program

Aside from participating as a member of Gourmet Guns n Roses, membership provides the opportunity to participate in the Toastmasters Education Program.  This Program forms the basis of all Toastmasters Clubs and the proven curriculum allows you to develop your communication and leadership skills one step at a time.


A new members starts by picking one of eleven paths that teach you how to:

  • Practice and improve your communication and leadership skills.

  • Give speeches in your club based on assignments in Pathways.

  • Challenge yourself to build and refine certain competencies and skills.

  • Complete a range of projects that include persuasive speaking, motivating others, creating a podcast and leading a group in a difficult situation.