We meet twice a month  on the second Tuesday of the month on Zoom and on the fourth Tuesday of the month in the private dining room at The Mayfair Lane Pub and Dining Room in WEST PERTH (72 Outram Street).  

Our meetings start at 6:15pm and will typically run for 2 hours.  We include a dinner break and conclude with optional drinks at the bar.

Many clubs schedule speaking opportunities based on how long it has been since you last spoke.  We believe that a successful meeting is dependent on as many people attending as possible. Therefore our scheduling system is based on regular attendance.  If you regularly attend meetings you to speak more regularly.

We aim to finalise our meeting schedules one to two weeks prior to the meeting date. 

A typical Meeting Schedule will:

  • Provide at least 10 opportunities to speak in various roles.

  • Include at least four Speeches.


  • Offer the option of a Standard or Group Evaluation for each Speaker.

  • Be strictly timed by the allocated Timekeeper.

  • Periodically include a Table Topics impromptu session.

  • Be wrapped up by a Timing Report,  a General Evaluation and concluded by our President.


Members login to the Members Area to confirm attendance and enter details about their Speeches.