We meet twice a month on the second and forth Tuesday starting at 6 pm.


For our dinner meeting, a break is provided for members to enjoy their meal and members can order a drink to socialise and relax after the meeting has finished. This meeting usually lasts 2 hours.

Dinner meeting venue is currently 78 Terrace Rd in East Perth.

Our online meeting lasts 1.5 hours because there is no dinner break.

Online meeting is via zoom.


Our Vice President Education is responsible for setting agendas and scheduling speaking roles for members.


Members are advised of their roster at the beginning of each month.


We use the online platform freetoasthost to set and modify meeting agendas. 

A typical meeting agenda:

  • Toastmaster is MC for meeting and opens the meeting with a brief ice-breaker speech

  • Members deliver project speeches followed by evaluation by fellow members

  • A dinner break is scheduled for in person meetings

  • Table Topics for members to practice impromptu speaking

  • Timing and general evaluation reports

  • Update on what's happening in our Toastmasters' area, division and district